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One of my favorite photographers, Ansel Adams, once said, "You don't take a photograph, you make it."  Nothing could be more true in how I attempt to approach every photograph I shoot.  A photo after-all is a priceless memory we desire to preserve.  I fell in love with photography because it helps me tune into the simple things in life that make it beautiful, be that a child's smile, a couple's embrace, or the beauty of a sunset over a mountain-top.  I'm simple and down-to-earth.  I'm also a new mom to a beautiful baby boy who affords me countless opportunities for beautiful pictures and memories. I have discovered photography to be a wonderful outlet that has enabled me to mix my love for the outdoors, people, and art into a hobby I take great pleasure in.

I truly believe that a picture is a forever memory, completely priceless and uniquely yours.  I would love to help make your photo session one to remember.  Feel free to contact me and see how I may be able to help capture one of those memories for you!​ 

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